1st Bath of the Year

We’re reporting directly from Toulon’s party district: no baguette for the breakfast, no milk for the coffee. Also, people didn’t make a big ruckus on the streets for New Eve, didn’t see/hear any partying hard. I guess people here were preparing for the 1st bath of the Year.

It’s an event where they get out on the beach at 10 for warm-up, while a lovely lady speaks in a loudspeaker. Then as 11 comes they sound the starting horn and everyone rushes into the water. Outside it’s 14 degrees, the water is around 12. Everyone wears a santa hat. Most people wear summer swimsuits. Here is how zero hour looked like. From the perspective of a 90 years old gradma, with high dioptre glasses. Yes, the video is out of focus:

Me? I wear a pullover, sipping a petit cafe at the terrace, eating a madlene and enjoying all this craziness in the sun. I also regret a bit that I didn’t take my swimsuit with me.

On the way home we’re shocked that in the lazy, sunny part of ’35-hour workweek country’ the bakery is open. On the 1st of January. The coffeeshops are open too. Matter of fact, all the small businesses that make any sense to be open on a 1st of Jan, are open. Suddenly all of our problems disappear: we didn’t have milk for the coffee, and baguette for the breakfast. We drink two espressos to congratulate ourselves on a grocery shopping well done.

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