3 Paris Myths Destroyed

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With being among the most visited cities of the world is no surprise that a huge amount of stereotypes arise about the city. Some of them hold true, but today I’m going to share 3 myths that I don’t believe are true based on my own, personal experience.

So, here we go, 3 Paris stereotypes that are just not true:

1. Parisians are rude

You could easily just tick off Parisians and add them to the rude category as a tourist asking directions on the street. That is right most of the time they don’t seem too friendly or approachable for directions on the street, but that’s because they are always in a rush and the city is huge. Commutes in Paris for the locals are no fun at all.

2. Riding a bike in the city is dangerous

Well in this case it really depends on where you’re coming from. In the beautiful city of Cluj for example commuting by bike feels more of an adventure than here while the city is much smaller. Well placed bike lanes, separate bus lanes and other designs in the traffic protect you from interacting too much with cars. Drivers are also much more considerate of you here than in many other places. I just have to get used to the motorcycles, that are normally zigzagging through cars at speeds that are unexpected. Paris also has a bike sharing system called Velib which allows tourists and locals to move around the city quickly and cheaply. This also the most risky aspect of biking in Paris as to put it frankly the brakes are shit.

3. Paris is the city of coffee

Paris is becoming the city of coffee. While everyone has been sipping here traditionally some black liquid out of a cup for decades, their coffee culture is not very developed. This is due to historic reasons, they are used to the bitter taste of the robusta beans that they imported from their colonies for centuries. The specialty coffee shop movement has reached the city also, more and more shops are selling quality coffee blended or single origin, but you have to look for it. As a Frenchman noted very well in one of the coffeeshops 5 years ago they used to serve 500 euro meals in fancy restaurants and execrable coffee.

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