Merry Christmas everyone!

home alone christmas

This year I’ve got a bit into the Christmas spirit. That didn’t happen since I was like 12. It was not the stressing, cumbersome experience, that I perceived it to be every year. Maybe in part it was, because I wasn’t at home, during the annually held “Great Siege of Romanian Supermarkets”. No one took my parking space, no one almost ran me over on the zebra. No one was irritated at the overcrowded supermarket. I didn’t wait in seemingly interminable queues. Queues that are so long, that one might ask: are these people waiting in line for getting in heaven? You know, the small stuff that always matters.

In Norway Christmas is like… like a second national holiday. It might be even more important. If you cannot get into Christmas spirit here, you cannot get in it anywhere. What is so christmasy about this country?

Every neighborhood is decorated by either the inhabitants or the decorations are celebrated by people living there drinking hot wine in the street. Also, most of the apartment windows are decorated with some lights. All in all, pretty cozy atmosphere in every neighborhood.

They have 24-pack “advent” beers. Every Sunday you open up some more, from a different colored section of the six-pack. I don’t know if this adds a lot to the spirit, but it’s a good example how serious Christmas is treated here. And I mean serious in a good way.

Pepperkakker everywhere. These are some crunchy cookies, to celebrate christmas.A bit even too crunchy for my taste. It’s like gingerbread, but more spicy and hard.

Cannot step foot in downtown without finding a Christmas market. They don’t have the Christmas Market. Or just one. You take a walk, stumble upon one. Then you walk further and find another one in like 20 minutes. They definitely have more than 5 big Christmas markets, running simultaneously.

If all this couldn’t make you get into the holy holiday spirit, you should not be worried. There is another secret weapon. The last one. This can bring Christmas into the house of each and every one of you. Whether rich or poor. Tall or short. Black or white. Affordable, stylish and most importantly… useful. Here we go:



Merry Christmas everyone! May your annual Home Alone watching bring you at least the same joy as the year before. Wishing you all great times spent in family and among loved ones. Thank you for reading the blog this year. Thanks for the support and all the suggestions.

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