The Oslo Report: Best Thing since the Wheel

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Norway could be called awful, boring, depressing. For a lot of reasons. And rightly so. It is cold. Days in winter go like dark-very-foggy-dark. But boy have they invented the best thing since the wheel. That’s right, it all comes from Norway, packaged in the disguise of an ordinary, overpriced thermos. A thermos that costs 299 NOK. You can buy it from 1st of December at gas stations. But this is not just another item that it is double-triple the price here, just ’cause they can. Not at all.

You get year-round free coffee with this wonderful piece of sorcery at gas stations. From freshly ground beans you can get machine made espresso-based drinks, for 365 days. Now just to be clear, 299 NOKs are 33 euros. Or not even 150 LEI. For a year! Needles to say I was even by the end of the first week. That is a bargain by most standards at home, no wonder the Taxi drivers ’round here are sipping some coffee all the time while manoeuvering the Benz.

It is also a very clever way to locking you in to a certain gas station. Circle K is has the most gas stations in Norway based on empirical observations, their cup costs the most: 299 NOK for the smaller one. Shell has their own version too for around 250, but there are far less Shells in the country. Since I have the cup, I haven’t stopped once at any other gas station. Not for refueling, not for food. Always in the search of a Circle K, by habit even in those rare moments I don’t want to buy a coffee.

Oh, and it looks something like this:

circle k coffee cup

Over and out. Remember? Max 5 minute reads.

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