The Oslo Report: The things you take for granted

This blog about travel, marketing and coffee is on a slow but sure path of transitioning into small bits of Oslo-life observations. Press read-more with caution, strong Oslo-obsession based content up ahead…

There are some things in life that you just take for granted. Some thing that are just there. Always. They have a strong impact on your life, but you just don’t realize it, they are invisible. There are things that don’t change in life. Things that are always the same, no matter the political party in charge or the size of your wallet. Things that keep us from going crazy in this constantly changing world. The water boils at 100 degrees, the fire will burn you, water will quench your thirst. No matter what, the sun comes up in the morning and it goes down at night. Oh, wait. Until you move to Norway and it doesn’t.

The days are getting shorter at an incredibly fast pace now. On both ends. At 8 it is not yet morning and at 4 it is already dark outside. You are in a perpetual early morning or late afternoon state during daylight hours. That is if it’s not very foggy outside, in this case you just stay inside the house, admiring the courageous people of Norway who chose that day to go out.

On a more positive note: they try to cheer things up, you know.. the lime-lemonade thing. So when life hits them with darkness, they just put candles in the window. Even the local gorcery store has some at the entrance. This is how they turn wild-coldness into cozy. On an even more positive note: really good coffee costs the same as OK-gas-station coffee.

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