The Oslo Report 2

Yesterday I just handed in my documents for a D-number after I’ve queued in the G line. Basically, I went to the tax office for a tax number.

Also I realized that Halloween is actually a thing here. Little kids filled the neighborhood, roaming on the streets for trick and treat I guess. Quite the surprise to see a full fledged culture for this thing here…

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oslo airport

The Oslo Report

This is the first post of a series. They will be mostly targeted towards friends and family, but I’ll make my best to keep it interesting for anyone who drops by. A 5 minute-ish read will come, every few days. Maybe once per week. Not sure yet.

Anyways: I will try to keep it short and interesting. And it is going to be Oslo related, duh!

First things first: mom, dad… I’m OK. I’m dressed properly for the weather and I’m eating right. Now that we got that out of the way, press read more.

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8 (more) Surprising Things in Brazil

My first post about things that were surprising in Brazil got a bit too long. So because I really, really want you guys to read it, I have decided to cut it in two parts. Just to make sure. Here is the second one.

Let me know if something surprised you in particular or if there is something you find strange. In the comment section below or on messenger.

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antwerp road

Current situation: Stuck In Traffic

Not a lot of posts lately on the blog. Why? Nowadays I’m mostly pushing pedals instead of buttons.

So anyways I’m sitting in the car a lot these days. I have plenty of time to notice the differences in the driving styles here and at home or in other countries.

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macbook coffee

Weekend Reads 9

This week’s collection is a bit short as I read several Hungarian and Romanian articles and it wouldn’t make really sense posting them here. But I hope it’s still worthwhile to read.

It’s about Facebook seeing what we type even if we don’t post it. It’s also about the importance of doing mistakes, accepting them and learning from them. Perfection erases humanity and done is better than perfect? As a closing note: according to scientists we’re not very likely of living longer than 122 years.

That’s all folks. + shower thoughts

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Throwback Thursday: Instagram

I would like to start this off by wishing Instagram a Happy Birthday. It just turned 6 if we consider it’s initial release the day of its birth. Short history but a pretty bumpy ride. Started off as a photo app with cool filters, turned a bit into video app and now… it’s currently a successful snapchat copy. But wait, how did we get here?

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Chatbots are coming to town…

Anyone remembers Yahoo Messenger? ICQ? Heck, anyone remembers IRC? If the answer is yes, I am sure your mother asked you: what can you do all day in front of that computer? Why aren’t you doing something useful with your time? Talking to strangers with shared interests? What… are you crazy?

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Ford Assembly Line

The power of general skills

The idea of this post came from a friend who sent me this article asking if I agree or not. The debate about general vs. specific skills is as long I guess as skills have existed. But they have really researched their importance only for 2 decades. What is my opinion? What do I base my opinion on?

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How we’re living la vida loca?

OK, maybe loca was a bit too much in the title. This post is about life standards and well-being in general. It is also about the issues that are most important to people. The ones that keep them awake during the night. Kind of. Please, don’t yawn yet. It is going to be interesting. Promise!

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brazil map

5 Surprising Things in Brazil

Originally I wanted to write an article with all the interesting stuff that surprised me on my travels, but it turned out to be close to 1000 characters. Who reads 1000 characters? No one. And I didn’t want you guys to just check the images. So this will be the first part of a series of articles about surprising stuff in Brazil from an European perspective. An Eastern European one.

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