Why Paris is not the City of Coffee

iphone and coffee

Ok. In a way it is the city of coffee. Everyone is drinking it in every restaurant. But the French are used to drink low quality coffee. They care a lot about eating well, but they have no idea about drinking a good cuppa. As a French guy said it rather witty: people get served 500 euro meals and .20 cents worth of coffee.

The reason behind this, as I found out yesterday from Adrien, a Frenchman I’ve met in one of the specialty coffee shops of the city can be traced back in history all the way to colonization. They have been drinking coffee for more than 300 years now, but for most of the period they imported the beans from their colonies, mostly robusta beans which resulted in the drink being very bitter.

However things have started to change these days. It all started in 2005 with Caféothèque a specialty coffee shop. After this many more of the same kind came. Now it is possible to find a good cup in most parts of the city, but you still have to search for it.

Here is a little gem that people in coffee shops shared with me and I’m going to share with you: a map of all the places in Paris where you can find quality coffee to treat your addiction.

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