How I try to write something daily


My method is not revolutionary. It’s actually quite simple. I make it a priority. I do it in the morning before the day really kicks off. So I make sure it will be done before I get caught up for today in this thing called, you know… life.

I wake up every day at 6:30. I do a quick workout and then I take a shower. I make myself some coffee and sit down and read a bit from the 10-15 blogs I follow regularly. Or the links they post to other people’s interesting articles.

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You don’t read anymore


A question on Quora asking “Why does web copy need to be easy to read?” reminded me about some articles and videos I saw a while ago. I will extend this question to why does any type of text on the web, even newspaper articles, have to be easily readable.

The answers at Quora were usually along the lines of every copy needs to be easy to read. Which is totally true, yet I have a slightly different opinion.

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