Design is How it Works

Most people make the mistake of thinking design is what it looks like. That’s not what we think design is. It’s not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.

– Steve Jobs

I’ve read this quote a long time ago, but only recently registered to Quora. A post on there gave me a new perspective and a practical understanding on it.

Design can make or break a product. We are getting more and more impatient so products must have shorter learning curves.

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Weekend Reads 8

macbook coffee

Continuing with the new format of weekend reads. Not just posting the links as it is too dry for some of you, instead I try to provide an interesting summary begging you to click the link. So what can you scroll through this weekend at the family table on Sunday morning?

We have some research about how the cell-phone is spreading like a virus throughout the world. We already have more phones than toilets. There is an interesting article about the origins and short history of the treadmill, hint: people were not paying a gym subscription to use it. History of special black cop unit in Boston, stats about boring car colors and eating dilemmas.

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Ooops. Wrong button in North Korea

monument north korea

Someone pushed the wrong button in North Korea and has leaked all the countries domains to the outside world. We can now see all the online content the average Joe can see in the country on its very limited network.

Long story short, there are only 28 .kp domains.

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The Best Thing Since the Invention of Fire

OK. Maybe not since the fire, just the internet. It is a range of portable coffee makers by a company called Handpresso, espresso machines for traveling.  They have options for you car, for your boat, for your tent and for holidays. There is an espresso machine that doesn’t even require electricity. At all. And it makes real espresso, real 6-bar pressure for at least 15 seconds requiring type of espresso. Don’t believe me? Check out the video below.

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