Zuckerberg killed the video star


Ok, the title is a slight exaggeration. No one killed anyone. Not yet at least, but if we’re looking at history and at current trends that will be the case. The TV, as we know it now, will be gone from our lives and it will turn into the new radio. The new TV, where we will focus all of our conscious attention is the internet. The “mobile internet” more precisely.

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Weekend Reads 6

macbook coffee

This week I flipped up the script a bit. Fewer links, more description for some of my lazy readers. I wrote out the some of the most interesting parts of each story, if you like it you can click read more. If you don’t you can just read the next story. For all of you there is also new collection of the best shower thoughts of the week, a very light read.

So this week it’s about negotiations, privacy on messaging apps and on social media in general, startups.

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Weekend reads 2

weekend reads

It is Friday again. Here’s the interesting stuff that I found in the previous 7 days. This week’s gems are about technology, traveling, reading, social media and fame.

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