Trackpad Saga

Windows laptop

These days I’ve been thrown back into the Windows world again. Forcefully, I have to add. Given the job, I stay most of the day in front of a laptop that it’s running Windows.

I haven’t been around since the XP. So I skipped the shitty Vista and the nice 7. The – O my gosh, they took away the start button – Windows 8. I went straight on to Win 10. What are my remarks?

Better than I expected

It’s not perfect. As the Mac is not perfect either. But I love that the drag&drop is quicker, you can move windows side-by-side, the magnifier tool and that they’ve added the Snipping Tool, so taking screenshots its really easy. The File Explorer got a lot better too, it’s really easy to use and yet it’s packed with new features. At least they are new to me… on a Windows.


I miss that there is no easy way of switching between the tabs. You can do it with CTRL + TAB, or CTRL + SHIFT + TAB to go back. You could either use finger gestures on a trackpad on a MacBook or CMD + SHIT and the brackets for these. “}” to go forward, “{” to go back. Simple.

The cropping tools that come with it: Paint and Photo Editor are not on pair with the Mac’s butter smooth Preview app.

The things you take for granted.

All those things are not really a huge pain. You just have to get used to them. It’s not really a problem, I could switch to Windows in a heartbeat and never look back. There is one thing though that is holding me back. It’s the trackpad.

After using the Mac for years I forgot how cumbersome using a trackpad is. In fact now I remember, I never really used it on a laptop before the Mac, unless forced by circumstances. Nowadays on the other hand, sometimes I even forget the mouse at home. And it’s no problem. Because the trackpad never gets in the way, it’s there as an unnoticeable layer between you and the machine. It just works.


This should be the number one selling point on any portable device with a trackpad that is sold by Apple. I tried several in the past couple of days: 3 MSI machines and an Alienware. They are well above 1500 euros. All of them.

Yet, they are killing me softly with their pointing devices. They perform tasks a lot faster than most Macs, there is no question about it. Once I manage to scroll, drag the pointer and double click that is.


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