The Best Coffee Place In Cluj

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The quest for searching the best coffee place in Cluj started 5 years ago. I’ve been a student in this city. During this period I have tried and tested every cafe that is worth going to in this city. I have also tested most of the places that aren’t worth going to, but that’s another story. This one is about great coffee.

I started drinking coffee at quite an early age, but never knew what really good coffee was until I started Uni. Most of the cafes and bars and restaurants in this town sell coffee from big brands: Lavazza, Illy etc. Not the best thing they could do as the coffee is not freshly roasted or even grand in these places.

Olivo was the first coffee shop that flipped the script. They have their own roastery. Their baristas are highly trained and very competitive. They really care about coffee. They attend festivals such as the Berlin Coffee Festival and they are national champions in cup tasting and latte art with some good international success also. The service is usually great as well. Multiple blends are available. The only drawback is that they don’t have a terrace. You can find the place on 7 Eroilor Blvd. They are showing off some pretty tasty latte art on their Instagram as well.

olivo interior

This is how the Interior looks like. No worries, the ashtrays are long gone, smoking is banned now. For more pictures please do check out their gallery.

They have recently opened up a restaurant named Bujole. They have the same coffee, prepared with the same expertise packed in a nicer ambience. The taste remains the same, the design gets better, the music gets sweeter and prices climb slightly higher. The service here is annoyingly exceptional, as my friend put it once: the waiter almost brings himself a chair to make sure everything is OK and always be there if you want to order something. Beware: you can only order yourself a cup of espresso until 6 pm, however you are welcomed to take a french press in the afternoons. This place can be found right on the Main Square of the city.


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