The bigness of small things in life


We are living in a small village with 2763 inhabitants. Did I say living? Now this is the declared number of people living around here, if you just walk casually down the street, you could feel that this number is much lower. And you could be right. Who knows, I haven’t counted every single one of them, that’s for sure.

So anyways, as I mentioned earlier you can see from the greeting sign the exiting sign of the village. There is not a lot going on. Of course, there is a church, a quite beautiful one. Then there is the bank. The supermarket. The post in the supermarket. It’s actually “the post” as there is only a desk. Then there is the scooter shop/vespa dealership. And the light shop. The social economic dynamics of this village are certainly interesting. You cannot buy a TV or a faucet. Or a new coffee machine if the old breaks down. But shall the stringent and urgent need of owning a Vespa or having more light in your house, you will be able to satisfy those needs instantly, with a 5 minute walk. As I said, interesting.

There is also the bakery/konditorei. Designed from the outside in accordance with the strict standards of social realism. Once you step inside a totally different world greets you, the place is quite welcoming, the lady behind the counter is smiling and speaks English. People are queueing for pastries, in the corner just to the left some are sipping cappuccinos. It’s the busiest place of the village, it’s lively and lovely. And the espresso? Best coffee so far that I drank here in Germany. It has thick crema and strong coffee taste.

If the last sentence seemed too mundane and as a faux problem: try living a few weeks in the German countryside. You will realize, it’s the small things in life. Being in harmony with nature, the clean air, the comforting silence, the lack of good coffee…

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