Those crazy people named the French

cotes d'azur boat

They had the 35-hour work week for ages. You might have heard that now they’ve passed a law, making it illegal to answer work related e-mail for French employees outside of office hours. Not bad of a work-life balance, or as the frenchies would say, pas mal.

Bikinis & Fast Trains

They’ve made our lives better in many ways. The comte, the polo shirt, the bikini, the TGV and the accumulator. They have also invented strange things as the 35-hour work week and 1 month of paid vacations. For my workaholic friends, that’s one month per year, not a lifetime. The people of the USA still cannot understand them.

Topping all that French-ness?

So naturally, what I saw shouldn’t have come as a shock. But it did.

These guys in the South are selling wine at a kebab shop. Yes, at a kebab shop. By the glass. And even by bottle. Wine! In the same place where you get your french fries, caloric sandwich and Coke zero from! Red, white and rose.



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