Drama in Lingen


As you have found out from the post before I’m living in Bawinkel. The smallest German village I have ever seen. But I am working in Lingen. Which is a town. Not a big one either. But it has coffee shops, restaurants and supermarkets. And people on the streets! Not much is happening in the tranquil town of Lingen, besides the yearly carnival that is.

People wake up, go to work, do their grocery shopping then go home to enjoy their beautiful saxon houses. Simple. Efficient. Calm. GERMAN!

Until recently a terrible, terrible event has shaken the city to its core. OK, maybe not the whole damn city. Maybe just us. Me and my friends who are living here.

It all happened 3 days ago, but I remember it as it was yesterday. We just finished work, a bit earlier than usual, after one week of British-rain even the sun came out and off we went to do some grocery shopping. But as soon as we got there an atrocious scene was greeting us. We were all beyond shocked.

LIDL, the only LIDL this town has is now closed for renovations.

The place where we bought our bread and butter. Coke and beers. Heck, even our cherry tomatoes… Is. Now. Gone.


P.S.: I only promised posting daily. Not posting something intelligent daily, remember? 😉

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