How to get around Paris: The Low-Stress Way

velib bikesharing station

Paris can be a beautiful city. The Eiffel Tower, The Louvre, quirky coffee shops, tabacs and restaurants everywhere. It’s charming.

As long as you don’t want to move around. It becomes awful. It’s either sitting in the traffic jam or squeezing in the metro. If you can even get in the first one. Or taking the bus… Which is confusing as they are constantly deviated from their usual route by roadworks. As a tourist you never know which RER is going where, which bus to take. With all the changes public transport is even confusing to locals.

Parisians lifehack their way around transportation by riding scooters. For them riding a scooter is as natural as walking is for us. Maybe even more, because I cannot really text efficiently while walking, but some of them can while driving. A SCOOTER. It’s the place where the satirical joke of our society really holds true: your pizza arrives faster than the ambulance.

So, would I advice you to rent a scooter? If you are not riding one at home, it’s not exactly the best option. I’m not saying you will have an accident, it’s just that it will be awfully stressful for the first few hours. It’s not for the faint hearted.

What you can do instead is rent a bike. It is the cheapest way a tourist can get around a Paris if we’re counting walking out. Paris has the biggest bike-sharing system in Europe and anyone with a credit card can join in. You will escape traffic most time on bike lanes.

The cost? Daily pass is 1.7 euros, but if you buy the weekly all your transportation costs will be covered for 8 euros. You can buy the daily and weekly passes at any Velib station. You can find more information on the pricing here.

The first 30 minutes are always free so keep in mind to put the bikes back in a station after this time. Otherwise they will charge an extra cost of 1 euro for the next 30 minutes.

Taking a velib is the most cheap, fast and enjoyable way to discover the city.


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