Ooops. Wrong button in North Korea

monument north korea

Someone pushed the wrong button in North Korea and has leaked all the countries domains to the outside world. We can now see all the online content the average Joe can see in the country on its very limited network.

Long story short, there are only 28 .kp domains.

Twenty eight! I’m using more in a week. So anyways, users of reddit have been kind enough to compile us a list of them. Check them out. Feeling nostalgic?

Remember the times, when your computer started with a tune, in just under 2 minutes and run Windows 95 with the great Internet Eplorer. Welcome back to 1997, no Google and poorly designed websites. Anyways, some people say that the country it’s the world’s most interesting IT outsourcing destination. Maybe the talent works only for export. Or it could be very possible that they have old computers, hence the websites designed for them.

We can assume that these sites don’t get huge traffic usually as their “intranet” is not available in private homes, only schools, universities and factories. Internet is a luxury of only high-ranking governments officials.

The links cannot be accessed at the moment, as the servers are getting flooded, because the whole word wants to see it. Fortunately, they took screenshots of the websites.

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