The Oslo Report 2


Yesterday I just handed in my documents for a D-number after I’ve queued in the G line. Basically, I went to the tax office for a tax number.

Also I realized that Halloween is actually a thing here. Little kids filled the neighborhood, roaming on the streets for trick and treat I guess. Quite the surprise to see a full fledged culture for this thing here…

Yesterday also, something terrible, TERRIBLE happened. I don’t want to go into deep, emotional details, it will just reopen that wound, but the frozen pizza is not on promo anymore at the grocery store.

Now it seems damn expensive, so I have to figure out my life cooking-wise. Or maybe I could save less. Decisions, decisions.

Darker times are coming…

Since we’ve flipped to winter time, it’s getting dark pretty quickly. Not too bad though, but at 3 I already think it’s 6 in the afternoon. And at 6 it seems like it’s 10. Handling it pretty well for now.

I checked the sunset “forecast”. That’s even the word for it?. Now it starts at 4:21 and it’s completely dark around 5. By the end of the month it will start at 3:21. So it’s gonna get darker a lot quicker. Just by the end of the month.

A bit of sunshine in my life

Long story short: a couple of days ago I found a Bialetti Moka pot in the kitchen. Now for those of you, who managed to still stay normal, in this coffee-crazed world of ours: Bialetti is the Rolls Royce of the Moka. Then I found some great coffee at the supermarket. And it’s one of the few things that is not expensive round here.

So… I managed to keep both kidneys, while being able to buy some quality coffee. And to make them in a cool coffee machine. If I can keep this up, probably I’ll be fine.


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