Petit vin, petit fromage


Petit vin, petit fromage or in one word: apero. What is it? An occasion invented by the French to eat cheese and drink wine. Smart people.

The pretext for an apero is preparing for dinner. Yeah, ’round here you prepare for eating and drinking by… yeah, drinking and eating.

So you don’t really do house parties with friends, with just a couple of beers. It’s just not so common. You invite them for an apero, even if it’s not followed by a dinner on location.

You will have some finger food alongside with your wine. And no, a bag or two of chips is not considered finger food. If you want to keep your friends, you have to have some humus and cucumbers, some cold cuts and of course: some cheese. Or at least one of them. And by one of them I mean cheese.

Also, some friendly advice. When the French say petit, never trust them. It’s never just petit. It’s a lot of cheese and wine usually. But when in Rome… that’s how you’re supposed to roll.

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