8 (more) Surprising Things in Brazil

My first post about things that were surprising in Brazil got a bit too long. So because I really, really want you guys to read it, I have decided to cut it in two parts. Just to make sure. Here is the second one.

Let me know if something surprised you in particular or if there is something you find strange. In the comment section below or on messenger.

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5 Surprising Things in Brazil

brazil map

Originally I wanted to write an article with all the interesting stuff that surprised me on my travels, but it turned out to be close to 1000 characters. Who reads 1000 characters? No one. And I didn’t want you guys to just check the images. So this will be the first part of a series of articles about surprising stuff in Brazil from an European perspective. An Eastern European one.

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The Real Brazil presented through stories by Google.

rocinha favela

This stuff usually would have ended up in Weekend Reads. But with this one is special. It is not a read at all and I think it’s worthy of a separate post. It is a video experience made by Google for making a statement. The best digital presentation of a place I’ve found yet. It gives back a lot from the atmosphere, especially: taking a mototaxi up the hill, while being able to look around. The statement is that people in the favelas are actually people. It tries to put them on the map, as all the small streets are not on the official maps (and most of the time not even the bigger ones). How did it all started?

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