The bigness of small things in life


We are living in a small village with 2763 inhabitants. Did I say living? Now this is the declared number of people living around here, if you just walk casually down the street, you could feel that this number is much lower. And you could be right. Who knows, I haven’t counted every single one of them, that’s for sure.

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CoffeeWhat? – Everything You Need to Know about Espresso

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When I started this blog I had four main topics in mind that were my four main interests at that moment. Marketing, language learning, travel and coffee. I feel that I’ve managed to do a fairly good job with content creation in the first three but not with the last one. I will try to write a bit more about coffee on the blog to the best of my knowledge. That being said I’m not an expert by any standard, but I think I’m a fairly well informed consumer and I have a genuine interest in the topic. I am sure that I’ll learn a thing or two about coffee while writing these posts so come along with me on this journey of learning about your morning cuppa.

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