Why is food so cheap in Germany?

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I’m doing my grocery shopping daily as we’re sharing only a very small fridge. Just before coming here I was staying for a few days in France. I could not help but notice how prices here are significantly lower. In some cases prices are even lower than in Hungary or Romania. I have also noticed that basic products such as milk, eggs, yoghurt, flour, sugar etc cost the same to the cent in most stores. Why is that happening?

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Drama in Lingen


As you have found out from the post before I’m living in Bawinkel. The smallest German village I have ever seen. But I am working in Lingen. Which is a town. Not a big one either. But it has coffee shops, restaurants and supermarkets. And people on the streets! Not much is happening in the tranquil town of Lingen, besides the yearly carnival that is.

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I am still alive


Just without inspiration. And time. Sometimes both. I’m not lazy, I promise. I’ve written a couple of drafts that are just not quite good enough. They didn’t cut it with the one-man editorial team of this publication.

I have to re-train my writing muscle. Form the habit of writing again. Will try to post again daily, just to get back at it. TRY is the keyword here. Please DO scold me heavily in the comments if miss a day or two.

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