8 (more) Surprising Things in Brazil

My first post about things that were surprising in Brazil got a bit too long. So because I really, really want you guys to read it, I have decided to cut it in two parts. Just to make sure. Here is the second one.

Let me know if something surprised you in particular or if there is something you find strange. In the comment section below or on messenger.

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Ford Was Right: We Would Still Ride Horses.


The whole hysteria with the iPhone jack-lessness of “OMG the battery will die quicker and so are we” reminded me of one thing: we hate change. We like the idea of it, but we hate change itself. There are many examples from all facets of life about this.

As humans we are hard-wired to resist change. Most of us hang on to the current status-quo, not necessarily because it’s better the way things are now, but because we are used to them this way. There are many examples just throughout recent history.

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