The Oslo Report 2


Yesterday I just handed in my documents for a D-number after I’ve queued in the G line. Basically, I went to the tax office for a tax number.

Also I realized that Halloween is actually a thing here. Little kids filled the neighborhood, roaming on the streets for trick and treat I guess. Quite the surprise to see a full fledged culture for this thing here…

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The Oslo Report

oslo airport

This is the first post of a series. They will be mostly targeted towards friends and family, but I’ll make my best to keep it interesting for anyone who drops by. A 5 minute-ish read will come, every few days. Maybe once per week. Not sure yet.

Anyways: I will try to keep it short and interesting. And it is going to be Oslo related, duh!

First things first: mom, dad… I’m OK. I’m dressed properly for the weather and I’m eating right. Now that we got that out of the way, press read more.

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