The Oslo Report: When the Luck of The Irish Drains Out

irish luck

Wondering when? As soon as they step foot in Norway.

Pictures speak louder than words. Let them shout, shall we?

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The Oslo Report: The things you take for granted

This blog about travel, marketing and coffee is on a slow but sure path of transitioning into small bits of Oslo-life observations. Press read-more with caution, strong Oslo-obsession based content up ahead…

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The Oslo Report: Park it like it’s hot?

oslo cover

Until I can dwell into more complex subjects such as Norwegian society I can only share with the world (OK, mostly family and friends) the more superficial differences in Norway. There are many. But this post is dedicated to only one. The fine art of parking.

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The Oslo Report 2


Yesterday I just handed in my documents for a D-number after I’ve queued in the G line. Basically, I went to the tax office for a tax number.

Also I realized that Halloween is actually a thing here. Little kids filled the neighborhood, roaming on the streets for trick and treat I guess. Quite the surprise to see a full fledged culture for this thing here…

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The Oslo Report

oslo airport

This is the first post of a series. They will be mostly targeted towards friends and family, but I’ll make my best to keep it interesting for anyone who drops by. A 5 minute-ish read will come, every few days. Maybe once per week. Not sure yet.

Anyways: I will try to keep it short and interesting. And it is going to be Oslo related, duh!

First things first: mom, dad… I’m OK. I’m dressed properly for the weather and I’m eating right. Now that we got that out of the way, press read more.

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