The Oslo Report: Park it like it’s hot?

oslo cover

Until I can dwell into more complex subjects such as Norwegian society I can only share with the world (OK, mostly family and friends) the more superficial differences in Norway. There are many. But this post is dedicated to only one. The fine art of parking.

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8 (more) Surprising Things in Brazil

My first post about things that were surprising in Brazil got a bit too long. So because I really, really want you guys to read it, I have decided to cut it in two parts. Just to make sure. Here is the second one.

Let me know if something surprised you in particular or if there is something you find strange. In the comment section below or on messenger.

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Current situation: Stuck In Traffic

antwerp road

Not a lot of posts lately on the blog. Why? Nowadays I’m mostly pushing pedals instead of buttons.

So anyways I’m sitting in the car a lot these days. I have plenty of time to notice the differences in the driving styles here and at home or in other countries.

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