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This is the first post of a series. They will be mostly targeted towards friends and family, but I’ll make my best to keep it interesting for anyone who drops by. A 5 minute-ish read will come, every few days. Maybe once per week. Not sure yet.

Anyways: I will try to keep it short and interesting. And it is going to be Oslo related, duh!

First things first: mom, dad… I’m OK. I’m dressed properly for the weather and I’m eating right. Now that we got that out of the way, press read more.

Arrived here on Thursday night so my experience here is still limited. I can only pronounce myself on the superficial, easily noticeable aspects of the Oslo life.

The weather?

That was quite the shock. On the first 3 days it was surprisingly good. Around 10-11 degrees. And sunny. It didn’t even get dark soo quickly. It got completely dark after 6, but more closely to 7.

But Ms. Weather flipped the script. We’ve now shifted to winter time. It is also getting dark quicker and quicker. So now, it gets dark around 5:30.

The people?

They seem to be a bit bi-polar.

Also they are either grumpy or very kind and helping. For example the cashier at Rema 1000, the corner shop here, who put together an ad-hoc special unit, consisting of two shopkeepers for hunting down the non-existing humus in the store.

The mission was a total failure, as they are not selling it, but the effort they put in was incredible. We’ve used the complete google suite on one of the shopkeeper’s phones for trying to explain what I was looking for. Google search. Images. Google Translate!

One of my colleagues noticed this. But I take his word for it. They either dress very light. As in t-shirt and some jeans. Or very wintery for me. As in coat, cap and scarf. And the temperature only changes 6-7 degrees.

E-Car Crazy?

Yes. And no. Actually, they are a bit bi-polar in this case also.

They either drive some eco-friendly car, a lot of them electronic. Teslas are everywhere. Or some old Merc’ from the ’60s. Maybe some English gas guzzler from 1940. It’s either a lot of style or very gentle on the emissions.


That’s it for now. There are many more differences that are going to be the subject of future posts. The love of nature, sports, how they build their houses and many more. 5 minutes max, remember? I promised.


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