How I try to write something daily


My method is not revolutionary. It’s actually quite simple. I make it a priority. I do it in the morning before the day really kicks off. So I make sure it will be done before I get caught up for today in this thing called, you know… life.

I wake up every day at 6:30. I do a quick workout and then I take a shower. I make myself some coffee and sit down and read a bit from the 10-15 blogs I follow regularly. Or the links they post to other people’s interesting articles.

After I’ve read a bit I find that I get in a better writing mood. The words are coming easier. Sometimes an article I’ve just read will give me an idea for a post. I’m not saying it’s happening every day. No, it didn’t happen today as you can see, I came up with this draft-title as an emergency-post for when I run out of ideas.

Why am I even doing this? Because I want to get better at writing. Even to get better at communication in general. I am not sure how, but I think it’s going to be helpful in the long-run. I’m also enjoying it.


Image from pixabay.

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