Weekend Reads 6

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This week I flipped up the script a bit. Fewer links, more description for some of my lazy readers. I wrote out the some of the most interesting parts of each story, if you like it you can click read more. If you don’t you can just read the next story. For all of you there is also new collection of the best shower thoughts of the week, a very light read.

So this week it’s about negotiations, privacy on messaging apps and on social media in general, startups.

FBI’s creme de la creme teaches you how to negotiate. If it worked for hostage situations it will work for your boss too.

Did you ever negotiate anything in life? You can be 100% sure you did. A salary, pocket money or a price of a new car or apartment. Life is full of negotiations. They stand between you and a good salary, a better car deal or a cheaper apartment. James Altucher interviewed the FBI’s best hostage negotiator about how to be better at it. Listen a lot, speak less. Ask a lot of questions starting with how and what. Get empathy by listing a negatives on your side. This is why all the good business people are always complaining, that times are tough. Mirroring the other person, using specific numbers and lots and lots of other tricks and tips are in the article, check it out on his blog.

A Startup on some Big-Brother sh*t. Watch your Facebook profile.

An article on Mashable about how a new start-up helps your future employers HR department stalk the hell out of your Social Media accounts. Google stalking is the norm nowadays for candidates but it is still a somewhat cumbersome process to track down all the social media activity. Cause John Smith might have the insta name of PancakeLover89. And just one recent, negative post could result in you not getting the job, albeit you just had a bad day and otherwise you’re a total sweetheart. So anyways, with this startup every potential employee gets a link to sing in with their Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc accounts. They are analyzing trends to make sure you’re not judged based on a single post. We’re living in an interesting, but scary world filled with good vibes and oversharing. Pretty interesting, read more at Mashable.

Whatsapp is a big boy now. Not playing nice anymore.

Whatsapp changed it’s mind on one of it’s core promises. The founder of the company in 2012 wrote a long post about why there will be no ads on the app, ever. Since then though Facebook bought the company, and anything that touches the big blue hand somehow becomes centered around profiling you and serving you just the ads you want, or so they say. If you’re using the app and are one of the few people left who have privacy concerns after they check in with a selfie at lunch, read more on the official Whatsapp blog.


This week’s best shower thoughts:

Every home has a smell that you can’t smell when it’s your home.

TVs went from curving outwards, to flatscreen, to curving inwards.

Basically, all pets have Stockholm Syndrome. We keep them locked up until they love us.
In 100 years, the current Google Streetview will be like looking into a time machine. And very educational.

The letter g may be silent in lasagna, but the y is invisible.

Sometimes, I walk around on the streets pretending everything is okay, but deep down, in my shoe, my sock slips down.

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