Weekend Reads 8

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Continuing with the new format of weekend reads. Not just posting the links as it is too dry for some of you, instead I try to provide an interesting summary begging you to click the link. So what can you scroll through this weekend at the family table on Sunday morning?

We have some research about how the cell-phone is spreading like a virus throughout the world. We already have more phones than toilets. There is an interesting article about the origins and short history of the treadmill, hint: people were not paying a gym subscription to use it. History of special black cop unit in Boston, stats about boring car colors and eating dilemmas.

We’re all well connected.

Not with high-ranking officials or shady businessmen, but with cellphones. According to a UN report 95% of the population was covered by a cell-phone signal in 2015. Subscription rates are growing fast. Almost at a ten-fold rate. At the time of the report there were just over 7 billion mobile subscriptions in the world. Just 15 years before, in 2000 that number was 738 million.

In 2013 we’ve found out that more people have access to a cellphone than to a toilet, on average that is.

Another fun fact: more people say that they are using Facebook than that they are using the internet. Good job Zuckerberg!

Treadmill was a torture device. Not as in: I hate this, but I have to loose weight…

History has taught us the importance of the product-market fit. The duct-tape  can be used to fix almost anything, besides duct that is.

The treadmill has a similarly interesting story also. Originally it was used to put prisoners to work. They were turning a large paddlewheel which was usually powering a mill or pumping out water. See it for yourselves. You can bet there wasn’t any TV set for you there.

It came a long way. In the ’20s it was used by the rich and beautiful for showing off. From force-work, to showing off, to medical use… the whole history can be found here.

Story about the Soul Patrol. Police Unit in Boston.

Boston, 1971. A Deputy Chief with vision created a highly successful, all-black police tactical police unit. By today standards that seems very racist and totally bad publicity, borderline crazy. They have created the first version of community policing, cops were working in the neighborhoods where they lived, people would relate much more easily to them, so talking to the law became easier. It was however short lived. According to some it was the mad success of solving murders and thefts, other say the racist claims killed it. Interested? Read the whole thing.

Fashion & Depression. Car colors in North America.

We are depressed and boring. The top most-popular car colors for new vehicles in North America were: silver, white and black.

First and second most popular on the chart were silver and white. They switched places in 2007. Third is black. More “adventurous” colors as green went from a 9% share in 2000, to a 2% share in 2015.

Eating out or eating in. Decisions, decisions…

Not much to say. Factored in the cost of time also for home-cooking. Interesting research based on large data-set. Not always what you expect is the cheaper solution.


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